I No Longer Smell Like a Cigarette

Why quit now, buddy?

What made me finally decide to put down my precious $7.00+ a pack cigarettes was a combination of things. This commercial was constantly playing in my head… thanks for that, who ever you are. And I began to wake up and start my day with a coughing fit.

It started off small and didn’t annoy me. Then, I noticed that it was happening on daily basis. If I smoked more cigarettes (got drunk and smoked more than normal) then my coughing was worse the next morning. I’m a stubborn ass and it really took me feeling the effects each day before I wanted to make a change.

The money savings is great too. I was spending around $2,000 each year on $7 packs of 20 cigarettes. That’s just insane. They got my money for far too many years. Years that I will never get back because I was smoking like a damn chimney.

I have been using a cheap, gas station brand, vape pen to curb my nicotine withdrawals as they happen. I went the entire day yesterday without using it. I didn’t realize it at first, but when I did it made me feel powerful. I know I can quit, I just never wanted to.

My break up letter…

Goodbye Marlboro 27′s

You’ve been a great friend for so, so many years.

You’ve started many relationships as well as friendships in my life.

I always stood by you until now. We must break up.

It’s not you, it’s me. I want to breath once again.

Goodbye Marlboro 27′s

A Productive Monday

Typical Monday Bullsh*t

Most of my Mondays are just pathetic. Today started off that way, but kept me busy throughout the afternoon. Owning a small business makes you look at how you spend your time a lot closer.

I know, because I suck at managing my time, but that is exactly why I don’t work for you – I work for me. I like to go to work, check emails, do some little job, go for a walk, get some food, go back to work, do some work, take a drive in the country, maybe go fishing, come back and work until midnight. That is the perfect day for me.

I was lucky enough today to have most of my work done via email with a client. I like that word.. client. Client, client, client.

Anyway, it was so much easier than having someone sit over my shoulder and watch me draw their sign (or whatever). It is especially nice when you send your first draft of the design and they send back “I like them all”.

My Little Marketing World

Ever since the 4th of July holiday I have seen an increase in people tweeting about Metropolis and the Superman statue. It happens every year just simply because more people are traveling the midwest by car this time of year. Each summer is different and this summer I have definitely seen an increase in people taking to Twitter to show their friends “hey, check me out in the Home of Superman!”.

I logged into the Twitter Analytics today and noticed that now they have some awesome stats (well, if you’re an awesome online marketer like myself).

twitter stats

The headline is not what shocked me. The tagline that says “That’s 74.7% fewer impressions than the previous 28-day period”.

That means that the 28 days leading up to the 2014 Superman Celebration I reached over 100,000 people via Twitter on my own. That number multiplies by 10-15x when you take into account the retweets from Dean Cain, Jerry Lawler and Billy Dee Williams I received while they were in town.

Now, if only when those people came to town they weren’t turned away by our street carnival it would be a perfect world.

Suck on that, tourism “professionals”.


I Have Joined the Dark Side


I never thought I would completely delete my Facebook account. I never thought I would choose to change my life, either.

Facebook was causing one big issue in my life:

Other people’s problems and successes are not mine and frankly I was really sick of seeing everyone else’s life. I have enough problems, like most of us, without Facebook. I got stuck into the same trap as everyone else and now I’m done with it.

You Are Missing the Point

A review of the Superman Celebration. Pretty good one, except, the Superman Statue is in front of the county courthouse, not city hall.”

Link to the article in question: http://www.amommystory.com/2014/06/time-visited-metropolis-illinois-superman.html

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 2.01.04 PM

From the top

I use most of my free time to have simple conversations with people online using social media. Free social media. You can follow me on Twitter here.

The other day I came across an article that an online “mommy blogger” had written about her families recent trip to the Superman Celebration. It was like I had written the article from her perspective. Her words were just what I had always wanted to show the people spending marketing dollars.

So, I put it on Facebook and said that it was amazing. She hit the nail on the head about our town hosting a yearly carnival. She went on to finish her article by saying that they were glad they came, but couldn’t say they would be back again.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.56.56 PM

My reaction

To me I would have responded by making a list. This woman, who plans her family outings (which you clearly fucking suck at doing) is telling you, uncensored, how YOU ARE FUCKING UP! Wake up and listen.

The quote at the beginning of this page is taken from the Metropolis Planet Facebook page. I know that they didn’t all take a vote before posting this Facebook status. I get it. I just wanted to show how fucking backwards everyone thinks about growing the tourism in our town.

It doesn’t matter. Are you helping bring more people to town?

Even if you are actually bringing families to town – where are they going when they get here? THE SUPERMAN MUSEUM.

You all are puppets to the Hambrick spray painted rock selling machine.

Face Your Fears

Metropolis fucking sucks.

I know this is not the first time you have heard or seen those three words so close together. It’s almost like it even sounds better because it rolls off the tongue more easily than…say.. “I love Metropolis”.

The end is near.

The world? Well, maybe. Our world runs on Harrah’s income. Harrah’s is moving indoors. Which to me, since day one, has meant “Cut all costs mode enabled”. I specially knew this was true when their marketing department labeled it as a “we’re under construction, making cool new, hip land dwelling upgrades, DAWG!”


Kudos to you for that. I didn’t say you weren’t doing your job, but you should have never been a part of the conversation. You’re a business in our small town who acts like you have your own city limits. You have your own police force hauling ass down Ferry Street at all hours of the day to take care of your problems. You have a security team of your own. You suck the life out of every person under your employment. You are the scum and should be left to float down the Ohio River and never return.

“Local Rewards”

I would be willing to bet that the amount of money spent to put “LOCALS EAT 1/2 OFF” billboard would be greater than the amount of money you have made from this campaign. Why the sudden change? Did you get a fucking awesome deal on crab legs that you just couldn’t refuse? You make me sick.




Keep It Simple & Succeed Online, Metropolis

 Twitter analytics screenshot

A random Twitter analytics screenshot showing 128x normal reach at one point.

A quick look at what my Twitter marketing did for the 2014 Superman Celebration:

My tweets reached over 3 million people over the course of 5-6 days. I had received retweets from Dean Cain and Billy Dee Williams about a month ago when they were selected to be guests (that is not included in this).

Jerry Lawler and Billy Dee Williams both retweeted the full schedule for the event. Dean Cain favorited a few of my tweets, but really kept his account pretty dull while he was in town.

The following Monday after the event Jerry Lawler talked about being in Metropolis on the USA Network and how much he likes coming to the celebration each year. I can only guess what type of ratings the WWE gets on a typical Monday Night Raw episode. I am happy that Jerry cares enough to promote our tourism without even asking or expecting anything in return. He follows 97 people on the entire Earth and I just happen to be one of them. It’s an honor.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.41.54 PM


I’ll update this with more stats as I have time to go through them all. I would like to thank the tourism employees for trying to embrace the #SupermanCelebration and #MSC2014 this year. It was definitely a great thing to see. I just wish you all knew how to plan an event in the dog days of summer. Yeah, “volunteers”, I know, I know.

Sharing My Small Town Online

Twitter Followers By Date

Twitter Followers By Date

For the last 5 years I have had some kind of connection with Superman and Metropolis, Illinois online. I worked for the Superman Museum for a period of time even. It was a time I regret, but I did learn a lot about business and the snakes who try to influence Metropolis.

I started the twitter handle @MetropolisIL in June of 2011 with the intention of sharing our annual Superman Celebration with the world. We always get coverage from media outlets just because we are weird, but no one was responding to the people using Twitter. SO MANY people tweet when they travel these days. They use that as a memory of their stops along the road. During the summer months I see Instagram photos and regular tweets with photos 3-5 times a day, at all hours of the day.

People come to Metropolis. They leave when they realize there is absolutely nothing to fucking do here, but they do get trapped into stopping by – unless of course they meant to stop on the last exit before the Kentucky line.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to document what happens online when the Superman Celebration is going on in our little town.

As I write this post I have 8,140 followers on Twitter.

44% of those followers have been active on Twitter within the last 24 hours.